Why did you join the union?

Volume CIX, No. 1January, 2009

From time to time, as space permits, Allegro will spotlight some new or readmitted members.

Joining Local 802 is a part of my musical goal in New York City. As a freelance violist, expanding and being part of the network is just as important as performing the instrument well. I am currently subbing with the Albany Symphony and looking forward to working with many more talented musicians from the union.

Ting-Ying “Tina” Chang-Chien

I moved to New York from Miami in search of better music. I joined Local 802 so that I would be available for trumpet work in Broadway shows as well as have the opportunity to network and meet other musicians in New York. 

Francisco Dimas

I’m rejoining Local 802 because I’ve just started to sub on the Off Broadway show “My Vaudeville Man.” My goal in New York City is to secure full-time Broadway employment or at least touring work.

Greg Fiellin

I have rejoined Local 802 because I’ve been getting a lot more session, club date and teaching gigs. I’ll also be subbing on Broadway in “Grease.” Having toured quite extensively as a guitarist for other artists and also as a singer/songwriter, it’s been wonderful to work more locally on union gigs and I hope to be part of a great collective of working players and composers. My main instrument is guitar and I double on mandolin as well.

Ann Klein

I am a trombonist who rejoined 802 because I am touring with a new Broadway show based on the TV show “Happy Days.” I left 802 because I moved to Japan to play jazz in 2001. I returned to accept a one-year college teaching position in 2003 and then earned a DMA degree. My principal goal in New York is to realize my potential as a musician by playing with great players.

Rodney Lancaster 

My primary instrument is electric bass. I recently rejoined Local 802 because I’m thankful to be transitioning from being a local church musician to playing for Warner Bros. recording artist Peter Cincotti and 15-time Grammy winner David Foster. A lot of mainstream gigs today really partner well with being a union member, especially when it comes to television appearances and dealing with contracts, negotiations and collecting residuals. And it’s also great to be able to contribute to a pension that I can look forward to!

Peter L. Rodriguez

I came to the U.S. in 2003 from Bulgaria to study at the Boston Conservatory as a piano performance major. While I was in Boston I joined AFM Local 9-535. Now that I am in New York City, I hope that by being a member of Local 802 I will be able to make new friends and meet many other musicians. I am also looking for a lot of performing opportunities and exposure. I am giving a New York debut recital in April where I am planning to perform mostly modern and contemporary piano music. 

Tania Stavreva