‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 116, No. 10October, 2016

Bob Kelly

bob-kelly-headshotI joined Local 802 because I was working at the John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport with James Olmstead as the associate conductor on “A Chorus Line.” I moved to the city three years ago because of the NYU graduate program in musical theatre writing, where I studied as a composer. While a student, I began to get more and more work as an accompanist, so I planned to join the union after graduating. My goal is to further develop and hone the various skills involved in music directing and see where things take me. I’m glad to be here in the city and a part of the union because there are so many great opportunities and fabulously talented people to collaborate with and learn from. I recently subbed in the pit for “Amazing Grace” on Broadway. I was the music assistant for its out-of-town tryout in Chicago, so I got to know the music team well. It was exciting to be a part of its journey to Broadway. My principal instrument is piano.