“Why we joined the union’

Volume 116, No. 11November, 2016

Jason Brook

jason-brookIt’s been a journey from my small town in northern Maine to becoming a professional musician in NYC. My music education was what I thought to be unfocused at first: I started with piano and made my way through saxophone and clarinet before finally digging into flute at 17. I had no idea that what I was doing was training to become a doubler. In my 20 years of playing in pit orchestras, I’ve played in more than 100 productions, including 75 different shows (and counting), and nine operas. I joined Local 802 upon winning the flute/piccolo spot in a recent tour of “The Wizard of Oz,” where I enjoyed several months of performing with some of the most gifted and generous musicians and theatre professionals I’ve met. The tour and joining the union are allowing me to reach my dream of shedding my office life. Now home in NYC, I hope to continue subbing and expanding my teaching studio, and spend more time giving clinics in schools as a teaching artist. My primary instruments are flute and piccolo, but I am quite proficient with all clarinets and saxophones. I occasionally play a show on electric bass, which is always a blast. NYC is the best city to network in as a musician, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here.