‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 1January, 2017

Laura Metcalf

I rejoined the union in order to sub on Broadway musicals. I am very appreciative of the protections and benefits that the union offers to working musicians. A life of self-employment is not always an easy one, and it’s nice to know there’s an organization behind us. My primary instrument is cello, and I am on tour a good amount with various projects. My primary ensemble, the string quintet Sybarite5, won the Concert Artists Guild competition a few years ago and has since had an active touring schedule both nationally and internationally. I’m releasing my debut solo album on the Sono Luminus label and will be touring in support of it. I have been so grateful for the opportunity to perform on Broadway during the times I am home in NYC because well before I got serious about the cello, I grew up singing in and listening to musicals and have a deep love for the art form. One favorite gig that came out of my activities on Broadway is a very recent one: the Tony-winning star of “Fun Home,” Michael Cerveris, somehow found the time to release an album of his own original music and invited me to play in a small instrumental ensemble for his CD release show. That was a real treat. My musical goal is simply to continue to perform all kinds of music with the wonderful musicians here in NYC and elsewhere, and get paid a living wage for it throughout my career.