“Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 3March, 2017

Emily Pecoraro

After many years of graduate school and freelance work in Boston’s classical, jazz, avant-garde and Third Stream scenes, I came to New York about two years ago and excitedly joined the Local 802 family. I think it’s important to advocate for fair wages and benefits for artists in the performing arts community. In the musical axis mundi that is New York, Local 802 provides an amazing resource which makes such services readily available. I am currently on the road with the national tour of “42nd Street.” I am also a tenor saxophone and alto saxophone soloist for the Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards, and I perform with the Brooklyn Wind Symphony. In addition, I perform with various Afrobeat projects, wedding and events bands and jazz groups, including the Ethiojazz brass band and Dingonek Street Band. I also compose for my Third Stream chamber-jazz brass quintet and am the co-artistic director and curator of an avant-garde chamber music concert series called the Variousound Sessions. I play saxophones (soprano/alto/tenor), clarinet (Bb/A/bass), and flute/piccolo. My goal is to continue to establish myself as a woodwind player in the Broadway orchestra network, as well as to cultivate my own creative projects.