‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 6June, 2017

Vinny Valentino

I joined Local 802 so I could be a part of the Broadway scene. My principal instrument is guitar. Iā€™m a sub for a Broadway show, and the two guitarists who hold the chairs have been very supportive and helpful. They are total pros. I also joined Local 802 because I like the idea of being a part of a musical organization. I recently played at Birdland with my organ trio (drummer Steve Smith and organist Tony Monaco). Birdland is one of my favorite venues and is very conducive to a higher level of creativity and overall enjoyment. We had a great time! My musical goals are to create music for the betterment of humanity and for world peace. Music is ā€“ and will always be ā€“ a cross-cultural link that binds and keeps us humans together. It is the most powerful means of communication we have.