‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 7July, 2017

Harold Kava

Joining Local 802 is a very exciting and big step for me. I have been a drummer, percussionist and backup vocalist for 35 years and decided that the time has come for me to take my passion for music and make it my profession. Local 802 can help me network with others who will lead me towards fulfilling my goals as well as provide me with career guidance. My dream job is to be a drummer and backup vocalist for a wedding band in New York City. The satisfaction of knowing that as a musician I could make someone’s celebration even greater is extremely gratifying. Music is the most important part of any celebration. I am currently a founding member of a local rock band and a substitute for another. (One of my recent gigs was playing at a small club in Queens. With just one rehearsal, I was able to pull off playing a four-hour show as a sub without anyone even knowing that I was not the regular drummer.)