‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 7July, 2017

Marina Kifferstein

I joined Local 802 to work with the Center for Contemporary Opera on “Jane Eyre,” a new opera by Louis Karchin. Working with living composers is a passion of mine, and that is how I spend a good deal of my time as a violinist. One of my favorite recent performances was on the Resonant Bodies Festival at Roulette with TAK Ensemble, a quintet of which I am a founding member. We premiered four new works (one of which I composed) based on “The Albertine Workout” by Anne Carson. In addition to my work in contemporary performance, I also love playing classical and experimental pop, composing, writing and teaching. My string quartet, the Rhythm Method, engages with a wide array of musical styles, and we often write for ourselves. My musical goal in NYC is to continue building a diverse career, performing all kinds of music that I find exciting and engaging, and to broaden my network among the community of outstanding musicians who have made NYC their home. Now that I’m in the union, I would love to have the opportunity to work on Broadway, record film soundtracks, and perform on film and television. My principal instrument is violin, and my specialty is contemporary chamber music.