‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 8September, 2017

Nate Lueck

I am very pleased to be joining such a large and distinguished family of musicians. My introduction to Local 802 came when I was hired as the guitar/mandolin/bouzouki player for Broadway’s “Come From Away,” an opportunity I was given by a friend and colleague who is also a union member. This latest foray has been a great blessing in my continuing musical journey. I’m performing on a variety of new and unique instruments with amazingly talented people. One of my goals in coming to New York was to explore the world of music as a multi-instrumentalist, as I have always loved picking up new instruments and performing multiple functions within an ensemble. I have been given some wonderful opportunities to do this in a variety of roles and settings. I’ve directly supported artists such as Meatloaf and Ted Nugent, and I’ve performed on national and international tours with Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Monks, Ron Pope and The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney. These and other experiences have allowed me to expand my principal performing instruments of guitar and keyboards to many others, including banjo, lap/pedal steel, rare synthesizers, electronics and more. I am excited to begin this next chapter of life in the company of such talented artists here at Local 802 and I look forward to the music that we will be making together.