‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 10October, 2017

John Campo (aka Campocat)

I joined Local 802 when I was on tour with Sam Rivers in 1977 and recently rejoined because I believe in unions. Music is my life and I am very serious about it, so naturally the musicians’ union is the only place to be. I teach and write music every day and have a vast collection of original material. I’m a New Yorker, born and raised, and have played with many notable musicians. In 1967, I had a hit tune called “So Tenderly,” along with an album that was on Kapp Records. (The act was named St. George & Tana.) I’ve also written seven books. My goal is to continue performing, collaborating, making music and writing lyrics. My most favorite recent gig was with a big band at Club Bonafide. I hadn’t played in a big band in many years and the music was challenging since I had to write the guitar parts for many of the pieces. I do solo gigs (or duo gigs with my students), mostly at cafes, festivals and theaters, but I’m open to anything. I sing, and my primary instrument is guitar. I also play banjo (both 4-string and 5-string), ukulele and steel guitar.