‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 117, No. 11November, 2017

Peter Vamos

In 1970, I left the oppressive reigns of communism that had engulfed Hungary. I arrived in NYC, obtained asylum, and thereafter U.S. citizenship. My diploma from the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest enabled me to enter Juilliard and earn a master’s degree as a concert pianist. While completing my degree, I joined Local 802, which led to the privilege of playing at Carnegie Hall where I received standing ovations. I composed and performed the music for the 2011 film “A Woman for Our Time: St. Elizabeth of Hungary,” which stirred my emotions and reminded me of my earlier days in Hungary. I have written thousands of romantic and memorable melodies and have received many positive comments on YouTube for my music. My goal is to continue performing and creating new compositions as a member of Local 802. I look forward to working with filmmakers or theatre producers who want original piano music that will enhance their productions. I write original music for any occasion. I need the union for guidance and support. I feel more secure with Local 802 behind me!