‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 2February, 2018

Nick Wilders

I joined Local 802 after I was hired as the associate conductor/keys 2 player for the second national tour of “Jersey Boys.” I’m currently traveling North America with a dynamic group of performers, crew members and management. My favorite thing about the NYC musical theatre scene is the constant development of new works and sharing of new ideas. I want to continue to help create avenues and opportunities for writers and performers interested in creating and collaborating on new projects in musical storytelling. This could be musical or management-related; I’ve had the great opportunity to do both. I would like to continue creating these avenues and helping to give voice to the talented writers of this city.  Most recently, I was the music director for the Off Broadway show “Power Over POTUS.” It’s a one-woman show written by and starring the lovely Erica Vlahinos, and we collaborated heavily on musical arrangements, orchestration, and all the musical elements of the show. It was such a blast, and one of the most team-oriented and collaborative processes that I’ve had the pleasure to be part of. This show has an amazing future; keep an eye out for it! Traveling through five continents and working with multiple arts organizations of all shapes and sizes has shown me that music and the arts are truly essential to cultural development, preservation and connection. Music is important to me because it incites, inspires and communicates as a unique language. Quite frankly, we’ve all got something to say. Music is a great way to say it.