‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 3March, 2018

Rebekah Griffin Greene

After 17 years of teaching and playing in New York City, I finally got a chance to shine a little brighter when I started subbing on “Phantom of the Opera” in late November. Local 802 is a fantastic network and support organization that will also help me navigate financially caring for my family in the years to come. I love playing, and I want to add my sound to as many professional ensembles as I can, whether it’s classical, jazz, or any other musical style. I also have dreams of composing a musical. I absolutely love playing on “Phantom”! The drama and the orchestral writing make it a fun challenge, and it’s the perfect show for this bass diva. A musical challenge I once overcame in my life was when I had a crippling wrist injury in my right hand due to overuse — at the age of 20. It took about 10 years to overcome and heal fully. After going through extensive study and bodywork during that time, I don’t take any playing opportunity for granted now. Each time I take my bass out, I give thanks and play my best.