‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 5May, 2018

Krisztina Kiss

I joined Local 802 after I was advised by many colleagues to join the union. I have been lucky enough to meet and play with many top musicians of New York City, and I would like to meet and play with many more and learn from the best to reach my full potential. One of my favorite recent gigs was playing viola with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic. I grew up and studied in Hungary where music education is based on singing. Besides violin, I studied theory and sang in the choir. Our country’s famous music educator, Zoltan Kodaly, said, “You can live without music, but it’s not worth it.” I feel that music is nutrition for the soul and I think that it’s the best way that I can help people: playing music and teaching it. The most amazing thing about the NYC music scene is that it’s so colorful: I am enjoying playing classical, jazz, pop and original music. I work with orchestras, bands and quartets and I also play solo. I am teaching in different music schools and I give private lessons in my home.