‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 6June, 2018

Caroline Drexler

I joined Local 802 because I recently moved to NYC. I came from a smaller city and saw how the musicians there were reliant on their AFM local for support and representation. I loved seeing how the union advocated for even the smallest of concerns. Because of that, I knew I would join Local 802 as soon as possible after moving to New York. As I build a freelance career, I’d love to get the chance to perform with musicians who help me grow creatively and broaden my horizons as a musician. I recently got a chance to perform with the Chamber Orchestra of New York for a Tory Burch Spring NYFW show. I loved seeing how the two mediums (music and fashion) enhanced each other and I enjoyed the collaborative effort between the music director and designer. Though I grew up in Washington, I’ve been living in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the past few years, where I was a tenured member of the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera. During that time, I taught private lessons in Chattanooga and maintained an active freelance career in Atlanta and Nashville. Since moving to New York, I’ve been primarily playing classical music but have loved any opportunities I’ve had to grow as an improviser or any work with songwriters. Music is important to me because of the people it brings together. Musicians rely on each other so much and I love constantly being given a chance to hear the stories and backgrounds of musicians who I get to work with. Since arriving in New York, I’ve performed with the Chamber Orchestra of New York, Orchestra and Opera of the Bronx, Symphony in C and the New York Virtuosi. I’ve been teaching private lessons through City Strings and I’ve done section coaching with the Chamber Music Center. My principal instrument is violin.