‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 11November, 2018

Ian Miller

I joined Local 802 specifically to take on professional musical theatre gigs, and to become a more active member in the professional music community here. My goal is to be a music director on Broadway while maintaining the variety of musical projects that keeps things interesting. The most artistically fulfilling thing I’ve done recently was a one-day workshop called the ASTIR Lab. We worked on new musical theatre material with a group of professional dancers, singers and actors and spent the day experimenting with how the songs might be brought to life physically. There was so much creative intelligence in the room – it was thrilling! I’m a classically-trained pianist who soon strayed into playing for musical theatre. Nowadays, I am a music director, arranger and accompanist; I sight-read and play by ear in equal measure. I am also a singer (I spent a year touring with the Whiffenpoofs), and a composer, periodically performing my own music. Music is a huge part of how I process the world and express myself, and it is a way for me to make a connection with all manner of people, whether near or far, whether they are loved ones or complete strangers. I also love teaching, including working with children and adults with disabilities.