‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 118, No. 12December, 2018

Alexander Greenberg

I joined Local 802 to expand my performing opportunities and work with the highest caliber of musicians. While I mainly work in theatre, I love any chance I can get to make music with other people. One of my most favorite recent gigs was my first semester as a pianist for voice students at NYU Steinhardt. Each of them gave me challenging music to learn, with everything from Britten’s “Winter Words” and Heggie’s “Eve-song” to having to condense “Sunday in the Park with George” and “Crazy for You” into 30-minute character studies. Each was incredibly fulfilling for me as a musician and gave me a chance to stretch every musical muscle I had into as many genres as I could. Another great recent gig was working on my first Broadway show this summer as music assistant and synth programming associate at “Gettin’ the Band Back Together.” I grew up singing and performing in theatre before deciding to move behind the keyboard more permanently in high school. I went to Ithaca College to study piano, especially as it pertained to theatre. Since then, I’ve worked at several theatres in D.C. and got the chance to tour the country as a keyboardist and assistant music director on the recent “Pippin” bus-and-truck tour. While I am mostly freelance (doing coaching and lessons for vocalists), I am also a staff pianist for students at NYU Steinhardt and a pianist for Broadway Artists Alliance, which runs performing intensives for kids under 21 who want to pursue performing at a more professional level. I also had the chance to be a pianist for Meals for Monologues and Songs, a food drive the Casting Society of America runs that gives actors a chance to perform for various casting directors in exchange for a canned food donation.