‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 119, No. 1January, 2019

Leonor Falcon

After freelancing in NYC for several years, I decided to join the union to connect with more musicians, find more performing work and meet new people. One of my favorite recent gigs was with bassist and composer Mimi Jones and the Black Madonna project. Mimi is a fantastic musician and I’ve been learning so much from playing with her. I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I was trained classically from a very early age on violin. After going to school both back home and in the Conservatory of Geneva, Switzerland, I decided to come to NYC to study jazz at Queens College. Since then, I’ve gotten involved not just in jazz projects but also a lot of new music and free improvisation, as well as sometimes playing classical. Besides my collaborations with Mimi Jones, I’ve been playing with the Solar String Quartet, CHAMA (new music trio with Juanma Trujillo and Arturo Garcia), Antenna (original music quintet with Patricia Brennan, Juanma Trujillo, Zach Swanson, Noel Brennan), Triptyk (new music trio with Patricia and Noel Brennan), and Imaga Mondo (my own original music band with JP Carletti, Christof Knoche and Juanma Trujillo). I’m also a teaching artist for the Casita Maria Center for the Arts and Lyceum Kennedy. My principal instruments are violin and viola.