‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 119, No. 3March, 2019

Emma Ford

I joined Local 802 because I knew it would open up a lot of opportunities for me, especially in the Broadway world. Having just relocated here from Sydney, Australia, I am so excited to experience the NYC music and theatre scene and to learn as much as I can from the many talented musicians here. My goal is to have a career as a Broadway drummer/percussionist and to be a versatile musician allowing me to pursue various musical opportunities. My favorite recent gig was playing drums for the Sydney season of “In The Heights.” It was the most challenging and also the most fun experience in my career to date. I have studied and played drums for over 13 years and earned a B.Mus. in jazz performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Since moving to New York, I have been very lucky to sub on a few shows and I am loving every second of it! Music is my life. It motivates me and inspires me, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.