‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 119, No. 4April, 2019

Aaron Bos

I joined Local 802 to become part of a larger network of musicians and find more performance opportunities. When I was a member of AFM Local 99 (Portland, Oregon), being in the union opened a lot of doors for me and allowed many amazing performance experiences that I am excited to continue in New York City. Right now I am most interested in joining a pit orchestra for a Broadway show or a touring production, but I would also like to start doing more recording work and collaborating with other artists in all musical genres and creating new music. I also have worked within the fashion community and would love to bring together music and fashion more. I was privileged to have been invited to open for the Landeros SS 2018 collection show for New York Fashion Week with artist Baby Yors. Being able to work with a designer, wear couture from the collection and make new music with another talented artist and new friends was an incredible experience. I am a classical violinist with a varied and versatile repertoire. I earned a bachelor’s degree in violin performance and have spent the past several years performing with orchestras and chamber groups around the world, collaborating with solo artists and different bands, and working Off Broadway. Music is me, it’s what’s inside me. Music brings people together, it says the things inside us that words can’t. I think it’s important to continue to have places where people can come together and share experiences through music. I perform regularly at Carnegie Hall with the New England Symphonic Ensemble and make appearances with Baby Yors and Adrianna Mateo. I was recently part of the Off Broadway show “The Woodsman” and also teach private violin lessons.