‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 112, No. 9September, 2012

Scott Wasserman

Andre “Virus” Karkos

Andrea Belfiore

Adriana Molello

Marty Isenberg

Lucianna Padmore

I joined Local 802 after I was encouraged to join by other musicians. The reason I joined is to have access to the union’s resources and to be able to accept union jobs immediately in the event of an offer. My musical goal in New York City is to play for or music direct a Broadway show and to have time to continue composing and performing. One of my most recent gigs was to serve as the music production assistant on “Leap of Faith,” which played on Broadway earlier this year. I won the job after I got in touch with the music director just to ask advice about breaking into the business, and this job unfolded through that contact alone! My principal instruments are piano and voice.

–Scott Wasserman

My musical goal in New York City is to play great gigs with great people as much as I can. I’m currently playing Guitar 2 in “Rock Of Ages,” and I enjoy it very much. I play with Constantine Maroulis and just about everyone in the band plays in “Rock Of Ages” as well, so it was a natural step for me. I’m a firm believer that one thing leads to another. I got to the Broadway stage because someone vouched for me and actually put their name on the line for me because they believed that I could do the job well. I take pride in this and I never let the people who have recommended me down. I’ve played several gigs with Winston Roye and John Clancy, for example, and it led to the Broadway stage – who would’ve thought? Since I’ve been doing the gig, my coworkers have been excellent players and wonderful people, and they continually make me feel welcome. My primary instrument is guitar, but I’m also a vocalist, bassist and keyboardist.

–Andre “Virus” Karkos

I joined Local 802 because I believe that every musician should be a member and take advantage of what the union can offer you. Some of my most recent gigs involve playing a recording session for actress Abigail Breslin, playing with Grammy-nominated singer and pianist Karina Pasian, and performing in an organ trio with Berklee College of Music professors Tomo Fujita (Phil Collins, John Mayer) and Dave Limina (BB King, Ronnie Earl). My principal instrument is drum set.

–Andrea Belfiore

I re-joined Local 802 because I believe now more than ever unions need to stay strong. I think we all have to do our part to make the future better. I’m also looking forward to meeting new musicians. My musical goal in New York City is to have the Local 802 Checks Department know me by name, and of course make lots of really good music! I just played and helped arrange strings for Jim James’s upcoming solo album. My principal instrument is violin.

–Adriana Molello

I joined Local 802 for the networking opportunities and to stay up to date with important issues for musicians in New York. My central goal as a musician is to have a varied career where I’m always (or at least usually) having rewarding and challenging musical experiences. I also would like to continue to build my career as a composer, and as an improviser of contemporary music. One of my most recent gigs was a seven-week cruise contract with the Adrienne Hindmarsh trio. I also recently completed my first commissioned jazz orchestra piece for the Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven. I play double bass and electric bass.

–Marty Isenberg

I joined Local 802 to obtain a closer connection with my musical community, as well as to stay informed of my rights as a musician. I play with a number of different bands in different venues. I mostly get gigs by referral or word of mouth. Performance is always a major goal of mine, but I would also like to get involved with jingle writing as well as composition for various artists in different genres. I also hope to play for a Broadway show some day. My principal instrument is the drum set.

–Lucianna Padmore