‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 113, No. 6June, 2013

Top row: Daniel Peters (photo: John O'Gara), Ben Campbell and Courtnee Roze. Bottom Row: Alex Chilowicz, John Stulz and Mason Griffin.

Top row: Daniel Peters (photo: John O’Gara), Ben Campbell and Courtnee Roze. Bottom Row: Alex Chilowicz, John Stulz and Mason Griffin.

I rejoined Local 802 soon after moving to New York from Chicago last year. I began performing in a Broadway show and knew that I needed to be in the AFM. My musical goal is to continue to sub and perform in more Broadway shows and hopefully get a first chair spot in the future. I also want to perform club dates, build a solid roster of guitar students, find good touring opportunities and do session work. Playing on “Rock of Ages” was one of my most recent gigs; lead guitarist Joel Hoekstra is an old friend of mine and he extended the offer to add me to his sub roster. It has certainly been a great door opener to working on Broadway as well as the whole music scene in NYC. My principal instrument is guitar.

Daniel Peters

I recently rejoined Local 802 in order to work in the theatre community. I’ve been living and working in New York for eight years now and have profoundly enjoyed my time in the city. My goals are to continue contributing to a highly diverse and talented musical community, providing the most solid and creative bass playing that I possibly can. My musical activities over the last decade have been incredibly diverse, playing jazz, rock, theatre, as well as lending my musical voice to bands such as Tall Tall Trees, Midnight Magic, Build, Sky White Tiger and East West Quintet. I recently had the great fortune to be hired as the bassist for “Bare,” which opened at New World Stages last December. I have been a part of the theatre world for the last eight years, including four runs of “Herringbone” (starring BD Wong), subbing on “Grease” on Broadway, and many other workshop performances. My principal instrument is acoustic bass, but I happily split my time between upright and electric these days. I have also been doubling on synth bass over the last year, which is great fun.

Ben Campbell

I joined the union because it’s critical to have the proper backing, professional representation and protection. Not only that, the musicians’ union opens a huge door of opportunity for musicians who are seeking. My musical goal in New York City is to capture audiences who hear music with a bigger ear than the rest of the world. Also, my ideal audience is O.K. with music that is unknown and different. One of my most recent gigs was with Alicia Keys at the BET Black Girls Rock concert. I performed with other female percussionists from around the world. I got that gig after an unknown source saw me performing at a venue in NYC. I was contacted via e-mail, and the rest is history.

Courtnee Roze

I joined Local 802 to enjoy the union’s protections and to expand the amount of opportunities available to me as a performing musician, composer, copyist and arranger. I am hoping to get sufficient work – including copying work and Broadway gigs – to justify living in or closer to the city. One of my most recent gigs was playing the Cosy Cupboard Tea Room in Morristown, New Jersey. I played a private event there and was asked to come back for a dinner show. My principal instruments are saxophones, winds, flute and clarinet.

Alex Chilowicz

I joined Local 802 because I am just now starting out as a professional musician in New York City and I have always been a strong supporter of the labor movement. It was a completely natural step to join the union from there. My musical goal in New York City is to try and be an all-around musician, devoted to teaching, outreach and performances in traditional and non-traditional venues. I am specifically looking to be involved in the presentation of contemporary music when possible. I am currently a violist and teaching artist working through The Academy (of Carnegie Hall) and playing as a member of Ensemble ACJW. My principal instrument is viola, although I am also active as a performer of electronics.

John Stulz

I joined Local 802 after hearing such great things from colleagues of mine. In addition, I was offered my first substitute position Off Broadway and subsequently my first union gig. My musical goal in NYC is to be a music director and conductor on Broadway. Specifically, I want to conduct a Jerry Herman musical on the Great White Way! One of my most recent gigs was subbing at “Naked Boys Singing” at the Kirk Theatre. I was offered the job by the music director Alex LeFevre. My principal instrument is piano.

Mason Griffin