‘Why we joined the union’

Volume 113, No. 9October, 2013


Top row: Evan Goldhahn, Richard Mollo and Salomon Lerner. Bottom row: Michael Sinicropi, Mitchell Feinberg and Stepanie Rainess.

Top row: Evan Goldhahn, Richard Mollo and Salomon Lerner. Bottom row: Michael Sinicropi, Mitchell Feinberg and Stepanie Rainess.

I joined Local 802 because of a recommendation from a wonderful Broadway player. I know that the union will be a great place to interact with other musicians in all playing areas. I left a successful career as a public school music teacher to follow my dream of playing on Broadway. I have been playing in pit orchestras for the last 10 years and knew it was time to move to New York. While working towards my goal, I am playing in any opportunity available. I recently finished my sixth season at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse in Montana. I was the drummer/percussionist for all of the shows. I have also been working on writing and recording music for an upcoming film. My principal instrument is percussion. I primarily play drum set, but I am also trained in orchestral and Latin percussion. –Evan Goldhahn

I joined Local 802 to network with other musicians and discover new opportunities to utilize my skills. My musical goal in New York City is to record and perform more quality music and continue to grow as a musician. One of my most recent gigs is playing with an alternative hard rock band called Charetta; I found the gig through an online posting. My principal instrument is electric bass. –Richard Mollo

I recently joined Local 802 thanks to my friend Carmel Dean, who hired me to work with her on the Broadway show she is music directing called “Hands on a Hardbody.” I am an arranger, composer and music director. Back in my native country of Venezuela, I worked as a film, TV and theatre composer. I also music directed and played keyboards for musical theatre shows, and I did arranging and producing for songwriters. I hope to do the same kind of work here in New York City. My main instrument is keyboards: piano, electric piano, organ and synth. I also play some guitar and a little bit of drums, and I sing. –Salomon Lerner

I joined Local 802 so I can be part of a community of professional musicians who perform at the highest standard. My current musical goals are to perform with the best musicians possible, continue my composing, and perform with the chamber ensemble Affinity Brass. Earlier this year, I played principal trumpet with the Bronx Opera’s performance of Handel’s “Messiah.” I got the gig through an audition. My principal instrument is trumpet, but I also play guitar on the side. –Michael Sinicropi

I joined Local 802 to meet other pianists, and to hopefully perform in a pit orchestra on Broadway someday. Ideally I would like to become a musical director in a Broadway show. Earlier this year, I served as director and music director of a production of “Hairspray” at Symphony Space by the Crown and Scepter Theatre Company. My principal instrument is piano. —Mitchell Feinberg

I joined Local 802 because I am a recent graduate with degrees in music performance on both flute and oboe. I am a freelance musician, specializing in classical music, but with experience in jazz, musical theatre and opera. My musical goal in New York City is to land a professional career in either flute or oboe. I would love to play on Broadway or in a large orchestra. Recently, I was playing oboe in the Brooklyn Wind Symphony. I got the gig through my professor at Brooklyn College. I consider my principal instrument to be flute, but I have done recitals on both flute, piccolo and oboe. I majored in flute for my undergraduate degree at Syracuse University and oboe for my graduate degree at Brooklyn College.Stephanie Rainess