‘Why we joined the union’

Volume CIX, No. 10October, 2009

I joined the union for networking opportunities and free earplugs! My musical goal in New York City is Broadway subbing and pit gigs. My principal instruments are drums, percussion and music prep.

– Jeremy Yaddaw

I recently started playing as a substitute for the orchestra of “Phantom of the Opera.” My musical goal in New York City is to create the best possible balance between teaching and performing. One of my short term goals is to create and direct a chamber music series of in-home concerts for young audiences. My principal instrument is violin.

– Jose M. Pietri-Coimbre

I am a pianist and vocal coach hoping to build a career in musical theatre here in New York. I started directing music for shows in college, and after five or six productions decided it was something I wanted to pursue professionally. I enjoy accompanying my actor friends and assisting them with audition preparation, and I hope to find opportunities to sub in Broadway pits soon. Where else but Local 802 would I find a group of professional colleagues doing exactly what I want to do at the highest possible level?

– Sam Shull

I joined Local 802 to meet more musicians in New York City. At this time I freelance and work with different musicians and poets. My primary instrument is guitar. Thank you so much for welcoming me.

– Rachel Young

i joined local 802 when I started subbing on the Broadway show “Rock of Ages.” I got my gig when I was in touch with Winston Roye, the main bass player in the show. He’s a great player, and a great guy. I’ve been primarily a touring musician, and in this show the band is right on stage, and we’re doing mainly music from the ‘80s, so they needed people more attuned to that rather than the standard Broadway pit kind of thing. I’ve played with many musicians from the bands whose music is in the show (as well as current artists), so it seemed like a natural thing to do! My principal instrument is bass guitar.

– Hal Bennet Selzer

I joined the union because of the great opportunity to connect with other musicians, to benefit of the services of Local 802 and to be part of a legitimate American musical community. My musical goal is to improve and record my compositions, to play live shows and produce my own records. I got my gig by expanding my skills such as writing and arranging. My principal instrument is classical guitar.

– Daniel E. Reyes