Women in Art

Women's History Month

Volume CVIII, No. 3March, 2008

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“Mice Stealing Grapes”

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“Trading a Donkey”

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“Triple Happiness”

March is Women’s History Month. In rural China, women play an important role as artists in addition to their other roles as mothers, wives, caretakers of the elderly and agricultural laborers. In the past, these artists were often anonymous. But today, many have become well-known and respected, and their works are eagerly collected. The Asian American Women Artists Alliance and the Beijing Chinese Peasant Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Committee have collaborated to bring, for the first time, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese peasant art to New York City.

From March 4 to April 8, the 104 artworks – which are mostly gouache paintings with some papercuts and clay and wood sculptures – will be shown at Gallery 1199, not far from Local 802. The address is 310 West 43rd Street. For more information, call (212) 261-2210 or visit