Workers’ T.V. Show Kicks Off

Volume CVI, No. 2February, 2006

Finally, T.V. that’s worth watching. “Working New York,” a new 30-minute talk show, hit the airwaves last October. It’s the only mainstream television program in the area, if not the country, to be solely produced by a labor organization for the purpose of bringing the needs, concerns and interests of working people to the attention of the general public.

802 President David Lennon was featured on the Jan. 4 episode.

Denis Hughes, the president of the New York State AFL-CIO, hosts the show. He said, “This groundbreaking endeavor is an opportunity to address a wide range of social, political and economic issues from the point of view of everyday working men and women.”

Hughes added, “Until now, working people could only react to the news of the day, without the voice or opportunity to give their side of the argument. ‘Working New York’ will provide the labor movement and its members with a vehicle to pro-actively promote a message from a working person’s point of view.”

“Working New York” will showcase a diverse collection of guests from the worlds of politics, literature, entertainment, and of course labor. Each guest will bring a unique perspective to the issues of the day. The guests will come from all corners of the political, economic and social spectrum.

To watch past episodes and to find out what channels carry the show, go to and look for the link labeled “Working New York.”