Local 802 Staff

Office of the President

Office of the Financial Vice-President

Office of the Recording Vice-President

Musical Theatre Department

Symphonic, Opera, and Ballet Department

  • Karen Fisher, Senior Business Representative
  • Marisa Friedman, Senior Business Representative/Music Performance Trust Fund Administrator

Single Engagement, Steady Engagement, Hotel, Teaching Artists

  • Joy Winkler, Director of Organizing and Field Services
  • Sarah Koshar, Organizer (Senior)
  • Lily Paulina, Organizer (Senior)
  • Shane Gasteyer, Organizer/Senior Business Representative – Indie, Alternative, Jazz, and Club Dates
  • Miguel Santana, Organizer/Senior Business Representative – Latin and World Music, Teaching Artists
  • Todd Weeks, Organizer/Principal Business Representative – Jazz
  • Bettina Covo, Administrative Assistant for Field Services
  • Fran Kayne, Special Administrative Assistant

Membership Department

  • Avelon Ramnath, Department Supervisor
  • Rosetta Halliburton
  • Darlene Irizarry

Recording Department, Electronic Media and Checks, Music Preparation

  • Steve Danenberg, Department Supervisor
  • John Painting, Assistant Department Supervisor
  • David Sheldon, Principal Business Representative
  • Robert Pawlo, Business Representative
  • Alexander Blake, Electronic Media Contracts Clerk
  • Cathy Calabrese, Electronic Media Contracts Clerk
  • Bill Crow, Electronic Media Contracts Clerk
  • Anna Wichert, Electronic Media Contracts Clerk
  • Rachel Chu, Electronic Media Checks Clerk
  • Wen Lin, Electronic Media Checks Clerk
  • Debbie Shew, Electronic Media Checks Clerk
  • Steve Singer, Electronic Media Checks Clerk

Legislation, Political Action, and Public Relations

Health Fund Department

  • Gloria McCormick, Local 802 Health Fund Administrator
  • Michael Bauer
  • Kathleen Painting
  • Renee Russell
  • Alicia Salom
  • Katelyn Slesinski
  • Jodi Wozowick

Allegro Magazine and Advertising

Legit, 802 Inc. Payroll Service

Musicians Referral Service

Office of the Controller and Human Relations

  • Cathy Camiolo, Controller
  • David Taylor, Payroll Manager/Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Lisa Mejia, Personnel Administrator/Assistant to the Financial Vice-President

IT Department

  • Keriann Byrnes, IT Director
  • Jennifer Cronin, Consultant
  • Joe Rodriguez, Data Analyst/Website/Programmer
  • Marcus Medina, Data Entry
  • Denise Rodriques, Data Entry
  • Sean Smith, Special Projects

Building Services

  • Major Little, Building Manager
  • Laura Fowler, Assistant Building Manager
  • Elaine Howard, Switchboard Operator
  • Greg Venuto, Mail Room Clerk
  • Amoh Essandoh, Lobby Security/General Services
  • Ernesto Jofre, Lobby Security/General Services
  • Alonzo Bing, Custodian
  • Rodney Garrett, Custodian (Part-time)
  • Ralph Smalls, Custodian (Part-time)