Local 802 Honors Maestro James Levine

President's Report

The Next Generation

The Musicians’ Voice

‘See the Music, Hear the Dance’ -George Balanchine

Photo Feature

Local 802 experienced a slight loss in 2015

Financial Vice President's Report

Some one-time factors explain our $24K loss

Controller's Report

Endorsements are never made lightly

Music & Politics

How we’re strengthening our labor movement

Music & Politics

A brief history of New York City’s Cabaret Laws

Labor History Month

‘Pins and Needles’

Labor History in Musical Theatre

‘Love Songs from the Liberation Wars’

Labor History in Musical Theatre

Union Justice: How the Local 802 Trial Board Works for You

Legal Corner

Classical Concerts Go Multimedia

Top of His Game

Contractor Michael Keller offers hard-won tips and advice to the next generation

Jazz in the Afternoon

Photo Feature

From New York to Ethiopia…and Back

How I adopted my daughter and formed an international nonprofit - all while performing as a Broadway musician

‘What are you doing down here?’

Local 802 member Nicola Vazquez gives an insider's look at busking in the New York City subways

33 Years

The New York Pops celebrates its birthday with the next generation

In the Studio: Sesame Street

Photo Feature

Executive Board Minutes

February 2, 2016 - February 9, 2016

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’


Welcome to the Actors Fund

Yes - it's for musicians, too!

The Band Room

May 2016