The Year in Review

Local 802 accomplished many great things in 2017, with more to come in the year ahead

LS-1 Contract Deadline is January 15, 2018

Local 802’s Latest Audit Shows Stability

Local 802 gains $36K in first six months of 2017

New Year’s Resolution: Be An Activist!

#METOO: A Story of Resistance & Resilience in the Music Industry

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Legal Corner

Local 802 Announces New Grant Program

Emerging artist project will support new artists & bands

Building on Our Momentum for 2018

Music & Politics

‘If I Were a Musician’

United, We’re Strong!

A progressive deal for musicians at the Winter Jazzfest

Fighting for Our Future

Oranizing Matters

Jazz Mentors 12: Maintaining Creative Autonomy

“1,000 Nuts and I Haven’t Cracked Up…Yet!”

Unfair List

Classical Musicians Come Together

At our core, we are a supportive, caring community

Reflections of a Master – Insights from Ahmad Jamal

Feature Interview

It’s Time to Promote Yourself

Music Heals

How artists are helping my Puerto Rico recover - and what we can all do

Live from Radio City: The Annual Christmas Spectacular

Photo Feature



Rick Northcutt and Fred Staton

Remembering Vincent La Selva

Executive Board Minutes

June 20, 2017 - August 8, 2017

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

The Band Room

December '17