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Local 802 Endorses Hillary Clinton

President's Report

Tribute to an Arranging Legend

Copyright Protections and Intellectual Property

Amending the DMCA is vital for musicians, businesses and music fans worldwide

Musicians Get the Job Done

State of the classical music field

When Musicians Play for Free

The Musicians’ Voice

Music, Jobs and Opportunites

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol explains why the Empire State Music Production Tax Credit is good for musicians and good for the exonomy

Educate, Stimulate, Motivate!

Jazz Mentors

The Plaque is Back!

A historic relic honoring the brave musicians of the Titanic returns to Local 802

Guitar Center workers still fighting for justice

Sound & Mood

Suzanne Ornstein on her lifelong passion for music, her inspiring teachers, and the insights she's gained

Music for Peace

Another Take on James Petrillo

Was he actually a champion of all musicians?

How I met James Petrillo on a cruise ship gig…and what he taught me

Jazz in the Afternoon at Local 802

Photo Feature: The Sounds of Summer

Chamber Music at the Washington Square Park Music Festival

Photo Feature: Sounds of Summer

Play Ball!

Reminiscences: Con Astone

Memories of Joe Shepley, ‘a one of a kind guy’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

‘Why we joined the union’

Executive Board Minutes

April 26, 2016 - May 10, 2016

September ’16

The Band Room