Solidarity for Musicians Goes Global

President's Report

A new videogame contract for musicians

LS-1 and music service contracts due by Aug. 15, 2014

Reach Out and Touch

Creating the Magic at 'Motown: The Musical'

A Minimum Wage for Musicians

Most other workers are protected by minimum wage laws. Why aren't musicians?

Pig Power

Club owner 'roasted' in front of his customers for turning a deaf ear to jazz

Living His Dream

A lifetime of music has kept Marvin Stamm's eyes and ears always open to new possibilities

Sharing the Gift

A remarkable music education program from Venezuela spreads its inspiration to NYC

Musical awakening

Announcing an iPod drive on Broadway to bring the power of music to Alzheimer's patients

The Nuclear Option

If you are forced to go on strike - or if you get locked out - these are some things you must know...

The NYC Ballet Celebrates 50 Years at Lincoln Center

In recognition of this milestone, we asked NYC Ballet orchestra members to send their favorite memories...

The check is in the mail!

Guest Commentary

Cheating Death in a Blizzard…With Opera!

Stars in the Alley

Musicians at Work

Career boost: woodwind doubler gets networked

The Musicians’ Voice


‘Why we joined the union’

Executive Board Minutes

The Miracle Drug

It's not addictive and can benefit everyone

July/August ’14