A Tribute to Judy West

Volume C, No. 12December, 2000

Following is the text of a tribute by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) to Judy West, on her retirement last month. His remarks on the floor of the House of Representatives became part of the Congressional Record:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Judy West, an outstanding New Yorker, on the occasion of her retirement from Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians.

Judy West has had a long and successful career serving as Director of Public Relations and Legislative Affairs for Local 802 since 1983. Her contributions to the Labor movement in particular, and to society as a whole, have been exemplary and set the standard to which we should all rise.

As an outspoken advocate for all working people, Judy has fought to ensure that Labor’s agenda is always at the top of every elected official’s list. From her work on exposing the abuses of farm labor in New York State to highlighting the particular concerns of musicians and other performing artists, her persistence and determination on behalf of these causes have become her trademarks.

In addition to her myriad endeavors on behalf of labor, Judy has also devoted her energies to the struggle for civil rights, affordable housing and decent health care for all. She has been so committed because she believes that as a citizen it is her duty to create a more just society for all. Through her unstinting devotion of time and generous use of talents, Judy West has become recognized as one of the most effective advocates of our time.

Mr. Speaker, Judy West may be officially retiring from her job, but I know that she will continue making outstanding contributions in the service of society. Her leadership will be missed, however, she and her family will have the opportunity to spend more time together. I join with all working people in thanking Judy for her tireless advocacy, personal commitment to our community and for her friendship.