Allegro Wins Awards

Volume CVI, No. 9September, 2006

Allegro won several awards from the International Labor Communications Association, the professional organization of labor newspapers.

  • Allegro was voted to be the third best labor newspaper in the country within its circulation class. The judges said in their comments that “Allegro is an educational paper with little fluff.”
  • We also won second place for best photograph (by Allegro freelance photographer Gary Schoichet) and third place for best graphic. The judges wrote that Allegro “should be commended for beautiful photos — unusual in a local’s publication.”
  • Allegro won an honorable mention for the July/August 2005 cover: the headline was “Keeping it Live!”
  • Allegro editor Mikael Elsila won two awards for his writing, one for a story on the Met Orchestra deal last year and one on the life of a circus musician (Johnny Hodges, trumpeter for the Big Apple Circus). The judges commented that Elsila’s stories contained “excellent reporting.”