Benefit CD Available for Emergency Relief Fund

Volume CXI, No. 1January, 2011

In Concert…2010CD

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The Local 802 Emergency Relief Fund “In Concert…2010” CD is now available and contains a diverse cross section of our talented members. On it you will hear unique cross-cultural contemporary chamber ensembles, as well as traditional and classical offerings. Order one by sending an e-mail to me at I am proud to be in involved in this exciting project not only because it helps raise money for the fund, but it puts me in contact with such wonderfully talented people who willingly share the fruits of their creative labor. Many thanks to all of our contributing members –Meg Okura, Leonid Levin, Jenny Hill, Mary Lamont, Jim Marchese, Sue Hadjopoulis, John Oaks and Brian Katona – for providing the musical tracks. Let me also extend thanks to Fountain Gallery (9th Ave and 48th St.) for providing the cover artwork, Central Park, by Justine Hall. Of course the entire project was made possible by the generosity of the individuals and organizations who made cash contributions to the fund. Some of them are local businesses, and if you ever get the chance to patronize them, please pay it forward. For a complete list of our donors, e-mail me at

Thanks, once again, to all those who helped make this project a success. This also includes Tara and Robin Donach for office and managerial support and Fran Kayne for hands-on computer support.

Any members interested in submitting recorded music for next year’s benefit CD, please contact me at:

– Robert Bander
Fundraising coordinator and CD producer