Musicians Health Fund Moves to Empire

Volume 123, No. 3March, 2023

As of April 1, 2023, the network administering our health plan is changing. This is good news both for the fund and for participants. Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield will replace Aetna as our network provider. Empire has a very robust network of doctors. While it is likely your current health care providers who accept Aetna will also accept Empire, it is important to check with your individual doctors before your first visits after April 1st.

The trustees are very pleased with this change. The fund had many problems working with Aetna and we believe those issues will be better managed under Empire. We are hopeful that a better relationship between the fund and its network provider will translate into better care for our participants. To learn more about this change:

As always, you can e-mail the health fund at with any questions.

(Thanks to Martha Hyde and Sara Cutler for preparing this announcement.)