Broadway on Broadway

Volume 112, No. 10October, 2012

Live music was in the air when Local 802 musicians and Broadway actors performed the annual Broadway on Broadway celebration in Times Square. The event was contracted by Local 802 member Michael Keller and was supported by the Music Performance Trust Fund. Photos by Walter Karling.

President Tino Gagliardi

From left, David Abeles, Elizabeth A. Davis, Will Connolly and Steve Kazee

Antoine Silverman

Randy Landau

Alex Lacamoire

Deborah Assael

From left, Deborah Assael, Anja Wood, Debra Shufelt, Laura Sherman, Richard Brice and Victoria Patterson

Richard Brice and Victoria Patterson

Sylvia D’Avanzo
Sylvia D’Avanzo

Bud Burridge

From left, Ray Kilday (standing), Michael Aarons, Brian Koonin and Jim Hershman

Chad Smith