Broadway on Broadway

Musicians At Work

Volume CIV, No. 11November, 2004

Broadway on Broadway is the theatre community’s annual season kick-off event, co-produced by the League and the Times Square Alliance. This free outdoor concert on Sept. 12 gave audiences a sneak preview of this fall’s new musicals, plus performances from Broadway’s long-running favorites and special appearances from stars appearing in Broadway plays.

Featured were Local 802 musicians Martin Agee (violin), Dennis Anderson (reeds and flute), Nicholas Archer (synthesizer), John Beal (bass), Michael Berkowitz (percussion), Richard Brice (viola), Dominic Derasse (trumpet and flugelhorn), Bruce Eidem (trombone), David Gale (trumpet), Jack Gale (trombone), Lino Gomez (reeds and flute), Rick Heckman (reeds and double reeds), Shelley Holland-Moritz (viola), Ashley Horne (violin), Tony Kadleck (trumpet and flugelhorn), Elina Lang (cello), Jeffrey Lang (French horn), Roy Lewis (violin), Mark Mitchell (synthesizer), John Moses (reeds), Dean Plank (trombone and tuba), Carol Pool (violin), Marilyn Reynolds (violin and leader), Clay Ruede (cello), Bruce Samuels (synth violin), James Saporito (percussion), Andrew Schwartz (guitars), Ronald Sell (French horn), Lisa Steinberg (violin) and Mark Thrasher (reeds).