Bylaw Proposal

Volume CV, No. 1January, 2005

The following proposal will be voted on at the February 2005 membership meeting

Whereas: Local 802 has a mandate from the membership to promote live music and,

Whereas: A significant portion of 802 dues moneys has been committed to public relations efforts to raise awareness and appreciation for live music and,

Whereas: There are other organizations which share these objectives and,

Whereas: Certain not-for-profit organizations such as the Council for Living Music have resources which are not available to the union and,

Whereas: Contributions to such organizations could help promote their work to advance the cause of live music,

Therefore be it resolved that the following language be added to Article I, Section 5 paragraph (n) of these bylaws:

The foregoing donation cap shall not apply to contributions authorized by the Executive Board to bona fide not-for-profit organizations such as the Council for Living Music, the stated purpose of which is the preservation and advancement of live music, provided that such contributions are intended and used for the promotion of these purposes.

SUBMITTED BY: Local 802 Executive Board