Bylaw Resolution

Volume XCIX, No. 8September, 1999

The following resolution has been submitted for consideration at the membership meeting to be held Tuesday, Oct. 19, at 3 p.m. in the Local 802 Club Room. Please note that proposed new language is in italics. Language to be deleted is struck through.

To amend Article I, Section 7, of the Local 802 Bylaws, governing delegates to the AFM National Convention:

Section 7. (Two) Delegates in the number to which the local is entitled in accordance with Article 23, Section 2 of the AFM Bylaws and (two) three Alternate Delegates shall be elected to represent this Local at the National Convention of the American Federation of Musicians. Their duties shall be to represent this Local on all matters pertaining thereto and to carry out specific instructions of the Executive Board and of any Membership Meeting held immediately prior to the Convention. In addition to their hotel and travel expenses (and railroad fare), all Delegates to the A.F. of M. Convention shall be (paid) given per diem at the rate of ($33.00) $50.00 (per day for their services) from the time they leave the jurisdiction of this Local until their return, which shall be promptly after the Convention adjourns. Delegates to the National Convention shall make a full and complete report at the first available meeting of the Local of the proceedings at the Convention.

In the event of the resignation or inability of a regular Delegate to attend a Convention as Delegate, the Alternate Delegate who has received the highest number of votes for the position of Alternate Delegate shall be the first selected to serve.

Submitted by William Moriarity (M-6867).

The board reported this bylaw favorably.