Bylaw Resolution

Volume CIV, No. 6June, 2004

The following resolution has been submitted for consideration at the membership meeting to be held on Tuesday, June 29 at 3 p.m. in the Local 802 Club Room. This resolution was also printed in the February Allegro.

Whereas: The cost of legal counsel has increased since the adoption of Local 802 Members Legal Service Fund provisions in these bylaws and,

Whereas: The dollar cap on benefits to bargaining units under this bylaw reflected the presumption of standard three-year collective bargaining agreements and,

Whereas: The fund’s ongoing financial balance is advantaged by longer contract terms.


Local 802 Members Legal Services Fund provisions in these bylaws:

Article III, Section 11, shall be amended as follows:

1.The second paragraph of Section 11, #1, A. be amended by replacing the listed dollar cap of $25,000 with a cap of $30,000.


A new paragraph be added after the second paragraph of Section 11, #1, A. which shall read:

In the event that a bargaining unit qualifies for the maximum benefit under paragraph #1, A. above and concludes a collective bargaining agreement covering a period greater than 3 years, and incurs legal fees in excess of the above mentioned maximum benefit, the Executive Board may grant additional legal service fund payments on behalf of that unit of $10,000 per additional contract year (beyond three years) up to the amount of the additional legal fees or a total of $20,000, whichever is less. At the discretion of the Executive Board, credit for such additional contract years may be calculated on the length of either the previous agreement or the new agreement.

Submitted by the Local 802 Executive Board.