Bylaw Resolutions

Volume CIX, No. 5May, 2009

The following resolutions have been submitted to the June 10 membership meeting.


Whereas: Until 1983, Local 802 Executive and Trial Board Members also worked as staff members and supervisors and,

Whereas: Up to that time, most Executive Board votes were unanimously in accordance with the positions of the Top Officers and,

Whereas: The purpose of the bylaw changes which created part-time Board positions, was to permit active musicians to serve on the Union’s Boards and to promote independence in Board voting and,

Whereas: Unlike the salaries of Top Officer and Board Members (which are set by the bylaws), staff and staff supervisor salaries are established by the Executive Board and Top Officers and, 

Whereas: Staff members serving on Boards have routinely voted with the Top Officers, who control their employment,

Therefore be it resolved that:

Local 802 Officers and Members of the Union’s Executive and Trial Boards shall not be employed in staff or non-elected staff supervisory positions during their terms in office.

And be it further resolved that: 

Any staff member or non-elected staff supervisor who chooses to run for Local 802 office shall, if elected, terminate his or her employment as a staff member or non-elected staff supervisor effective on the January 1st immediately following that election. 

Submitted By John Babich.

The Executive Board reports this bylaw unfavorably.


WHEREAS many recent Local 802 membership meetings have failed to achieve a quorum; and,

WHEREAS the quorum number of one hundred and twenty-five (125) has remained unchanged since February 1992, at which time the quorum number represented slightly over one percent of the membership; and 

WHEREAS the membership has since dropped to approximately eight thousand seven hundred (8,700); now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that Article VII, Section 5 shall be amended to read as follows:

A quorum of ninety-five (95) members in good standing shall be necessary for a membership meeting.

Submitted by Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf.

The Executive Board reports this bylaw without comment.