Volume 118, No. 11November, 2018

Presented below are the statements of all candidates for Local 802 offices who submitted their statements to Allegro by the deadline. As per the election rules, “all candidates were afforded the right to submit statements and photos in accordance with these rules.” As in the past, candidates are listed in alphabetical order under the primary office they are running for. The Local 802 election will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 4. The official announcement was published in Allegro, and a link to the election rules can be found on this site. The in-person voting process will take place at the offices of Local 802, 322 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. and at the West Side YMCA, 5 West 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.


TINO GAGLIARDI: The record of this administration reflects my passion for musicians and their livelihood, giving voice to our world-class musicians, earning universal respect for 802, and having impact in government. I have bargained dozens of progressive agreements with our largest employers, winning gains in wages and benefits for musicians throughout 802. Through advocacy, I have advanced the rights of musicians on issues ranging from sick pay to fair compensation for media product. Initiatives like our Emerging Artists Project draw new musicians to our cause. Our foundation is strong; together, we will continue to build a strong future for musicians in NYC.

ADAM KRAUTHAMER: As a member of Local 802, I’ve seen a decline in membership, less work under contracts, a pension fund in crisis, and a generation of younger musicians who cannot find commonality with the current union. I founded Musicians for Pension Security, and studied our pension plan in depth. We disseminated information and proposed solutions for musicians across the country. As a candidate for President with, my goal is to provide the leadership needed to create positive change and strengthen our union for years to come. I ask for your support and your vote on December 4th.

*Pursuant to Article I, Section 1(d) of the Local 802 AFM Bylaws, the individual elected to the office of President shall also serve as a Delegate to the New York City Central Labor Council, the New York State Federation of Labor Convention, and the National Convention of the American Federation of Musicians, unless that individual is a member of the International Executive Board of the American Federation of Musicians.



KAREN FISHER: As Financial Vice President, I will ensure that your money is utilized in a responsible manner. I have over 30 years combined experience as both a freelance musician and a labor professional as the Concert Representative at Local 802. My priorities will be improving your working environment through robust contracts and focusing on the unique challenges facing women. To insure our survival, I will work together with my colleagues to develop effective organizing strategies. I stand for fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency. I would be honored to receive your vote and look forward to a brighter future.

TOM OLCOTT: I am the Local 802 Financial Vice President, appointed August 1, 2011, and the MEMBERS Party candidate for that office. Before my 2011 appointment, I spent 30 years negotiating Concert, Ballet, and Opera contracts, either as a rank-and-file 802 Committee member, or as Attorney of record in negotiations elsewhere nationally. Those experiences, along with my performance experience, taught me the 802 Concert scene and prepared me to manage those contracts. I also assist 802’s Controller as we manage 802’s daily operations and long-term investments. Your vote gives me the opportunity to continue my life-long fight for Local 802 musicians. Thanks.



ANDY SCHWARTZ: It has been my privilege to serve as your RVP. I ask for your support to continue building the 802 you want: energized, responsive to all and transparent. During the past three years we opened our doors to more diverse music communities, with new programs to inform members and enhance careers. We revitalized the Jazz Committee, created Artist Rights Caucus, Jazz Mentors, and welcomed student musicians. We negotiated strong new agreements and have retooled our organizing department to address the realities of today’s business. The challenges are clear. Now we need an activist membership to make real progress. Join us.

*Mr. Schwartz is running unopposed. Pursuant to Article I, section 2e of the Election Rules, unopposed candidates are deemed elected as of the beginning of the nominee’s term.



JANET AXELROD: As a candidate for the Executive Board, my goal is to work with our elected Officers to protect, educate and provide strong leadership for all musicians. We will bring a creative, realistic, no-nonsense approach to Local 802. My freelance experience with orchestral, chamber, opera, Broadway, jazz and World- music gives me far-reaching experience to relate to the issues of musicians in all genres. I will focus on your concerns. Musicians need to be proactive and have strong, creative leadership to plan for our future. I ask for your vote for the Executive Board at Local 802.

BUD BURRIDGE: Twice elected to the EB, I’ve served on the Finance, Public Relations and Communications Subcommittees, the Allegro Editorial Board, and represented 802 at three AFM Conventions. I participated in contract negotiations with the Radio City and Broadway Theatre Negotiating Committees among others, a critically essential education for any 802 officer. The Communications Subcommittee formalized what was formerly individual activism, addressing conflict resolution and members’ concerns, (successfully advocating for improved communication, even on the AFM level). I’m proud of the depth of experience that represents musicians in this administration and hope to continue serving the members of Local 802 in 2019.

LYNNE COHEN: I am running for the Executive Board on the MFC ticket. As an oboist, I have performed in the symphonic and Broadway fields and have served on several committees in the Local 802 theatre department where I was known to be extremely organized, resourceful and an independently thinking member who isn’t afraid to voice an opinion. I plan to work hard, listen to members’ concerns, improve contracts and try to create new opportunities for all our members. As a creative thinker, I believe I can contribute fresh ideas, and I am excited to be part of the MFC team.

SARA CUTLER: An 802 Executive Board member since 2011, I’ve participated in initiatives designed to grow our membership and to make 802 a more welcoming home to all musicians. I designed and implemented the Emerging Artist project, helped with the redesign of the 802 website and served as a trustee of the Musicians’ Health Fund. As a harpist in NY, I’ve been fortunate in my career and believe I have an obligation to pass that good fortune on to a new generation of musicians and to create a union equipped to serve them. This continues to be my personal mandate.

MONICA DAVIS: I joined Local 802 in 2009 when I subbed on my first Broadway show. Since then I have enjoyed a multifaceted freelance career. Today I’m a member of the band of Mean Girls on Broadway, have my own string quartet, and will play this season with the New Jersey Symphony. As an Executive Board member, I would embrace a diversity of thought and encourage a more efficient and transparent means of communication between the board and 802 membership. I would be honored to serve as one of your representatives on the Local 802 Executive Board.

PETE DONOVAN: I am running for Executive Board because it is my turn to serve. I have enjoyed the benefits provided by our union for 25 years. These benefits that are available because members before me sacrificed their time and energy to make sure musicians are protected and supported. I am running to save and strengthen a union support system that is crumbling. Through a change in leadership, innovation and technology I believe we can not only fight to save our union but make it stronger, more inclusive and a powerful force in the current state of the music industry.

ELISE FRAWLEY: I am seeking an opportunity to serve on the Executive Board for the constituents of Local 802. I have been a violist with Local 802 since 2011, performing in concert, on television, and in recording studios. My goal is to be an advocate for a flexible union culture. I will streamline our website, support parents as they balance career and family life, and help groups feel empowered and supported. We need an administration that is committed to all musicians of all backgrounds and stages of their careers. MFC is the Party that will restore faith in our Union.

CECELIA HOBBS GARDNER: I am a violinist and attorney running as an Independent. I want to serve as an empowered, impassioned voice for the membership. The cornerstones of my platform are advocacy, accessibility, integrity and transparency. I have been a member of Local 802 for 36 years and an attorney since 2000. Violinist: Broadway, symphony, ballet, touring, recording, television, film. Committees: Broadway Negotiating, Broadway Theatre, symphony, ballet. Attorney/Administrator at Juilliard: Legal Affairs, Jazz Studies, Chamber Music. You don’t have to vote for a slate so choose me and eight additional candidates to advocate zealously for you on the Executive Board! Visit

ALVESTER GARNETT: In my time as an 802 member I’ve served on the Theatre Committee, The Jazz Committee, the Executive Board and am on the newly formed Diversity Committee. I’m also the only labor member and instrumentalist on The NYC Nightlife Advisory Board. I will continue to use my knowledge as an 802 member who has held chairs in two Broadway shows, worked with numerous jazz ensembles to be an influencer for our musician workers in NYC. I look forward to continuing enhancing and extending our union’s power while building a more diverse and extensive union community benefitting all of Local 802.

TONY GORRUSO: A Local 802 member of over 33 years, I’ve been a versatile musician working in virtually every field of music. A veteran of 5 Broadway shows, I served over 16 years as a delegate on the Broadway Theatre Committee, have been on the Broadway Theatre Negotiating Committee and attended numerous meetings of the Clubdate and the Jewish Clubdate Committees. In 2012, I was elected to local 802’s Trial Board and have 6 years experience solving disputes between fellow musicians impartially and equitably. If elected to the Executive Board, I will serve our members interests in the same skillful, professional manner.

KYLE HOYT: I am an active French Horn player in the NYC metropolitan area. For the last 20 years, I have worked in the symphonic, commercial music, and teaching arenas. With fresh leadership, we can begin to confront the challenges that loom large in our industry. This includes electing an Executive Board that represents the diversity of our membership. I am most passionate about providing incentives for young musicians to join 802, and having new groups brought into the 802 fold. Staying relevant to young musicians and their ensembles is critical to a bright future for our Union.

MARTHA HYDE: I’m Martha Hyde, asking you to re-elect me to 802’s Executive Board on December 4. A trustee on 802’s health fund, I helped prevent bankruptcy in 2007 and helped make it compliant with the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Serving on 802’s Emerging Artists Project, I help oversee the selection of ensembles for grants helping to establish them while doing their work under contract. I serve on the E-Board’s Communications Subcommittee, explaining unionism, politics and benefit funds in everyday English. On 802’s Political Endorsement Subcommittee I press candidates on health care payroll taxes and congestion pricing affecting our multi-state membership.

MORRIS KAINUMA: I have been a union member since 1990. Working in the symphonic and Broadway fields, I’m the tubist at American Ballet Theatre, and have served on the orchestra committee for seven years, including two contract negotiations. I’ve also been a member of 6 Broadway orchestras. As an advocate for musician rights and fair treatment, I seek to serve and support my fellow musicians, and to foster an environment of participation and inclusion within the union. We deserve to have new faces at the table, to be heard, and to collectively develop creative ideas for our present and future.

WENDE NAMKUNG: I am Wende Namkung, a freelance violinist and member of Local 802 for the past thirty-five years. Appointed to the Executive Board on August 1, 2017, I currently serve on its Communications, Emerging Artists Project, Public Relations and Green Alliance sub-committees. I have embraced the opportunity to serve and to give back to Local 802, an institution that has enriched my life as a musician. I truly believe that every member is equally important and that all musicians deserve advocacy.

CHRIS OLNESS: I joined Local 802 in 1989 while a student at Julliard. I have worked in every musical arena open to me. Now its primarily Broadway and freelance orchestras. I served on the Theater Committee for six years, including two negotiations in 2003 and 2006. There is a tendency for musicians to become involved in the Union only during a crisis. I’m happy to see so many of my colleagues stepping forward at this time to wrestle with the issues that we all face, and I hope this level of engagement continues. A better future rests squarely on our shoulders.

CARYL PAISNER: I strongly believe that the culture of any work environment is set by the leadership. It’s time for a change! We need accountability and creative thinking to move our union forward. If elected to the Executive Board, along with my committed and talented MFC colleagues, I hope to be an advocate for all musicians and particularly for women at 802. My experiences in finance and as a longtime volunteer heading programs in our local school district have given me the necessary skills to serve our community.

BOBBY SHANKIN: The Bernie Sanders of 802. Personal drummer to a long list of superstars and renowned band leaders. Veteran of Broadway, studios, nightclubs, hotels and single engagements. Graduate of Juilliard – BM and MSM. Executive Board member 1999 – 2007, 802 Senior Business Rep. 2010 – 2016. In fifty years of 802 involvement I have never seen such neglect and mismanagement of our needs and the critical issues we face. I am proud to be part of the MFC ticket headed by Adam Krauthamer. I implore my 802 colleagues to embrace this golden opportunity for leadership change.

CLINT SHARMAN: A member of Local 802 for over 35 years, I’ve served nine years on the Executive Board and six years as delegate to the AFM Convention. I’ve served as delegate to the Broadway Theater Committee for several shows and participated in several Broadway negotiations. My most recent Broadway show was A Bronx Tale and I’ve played on dozens more. I’ve played on records, jingles, television, films, and performed live with Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand and Liza Minnelli. It is my mission on the Executive Board to listen to, represent, and advocate for, musicians.

ROBERT SUTTMANN: As a freelance trombonist since 1987, I have played in over 90 Broadway shows, both as a sub and as a regular. I’ve also performed extensively in the club date and Latin fields. I currently perform with the Big Apple Circus and was on the negotiating committee for its first contract with 802. As a Trial Board member for six years and currently an Executive Board member for the past 3 years, I have served on the Finance, Political, Website, and Green Alliance subcommittees. I look forward to helping Local 802 move forward for the next three years.



ROGER BLANC: I’ve served twelve years on the 802 Trial Board, nine as Chair; guitarist/composer with extensive experience in all areas of music preparation for recording (feature film, live TV, albums/CDs, commercial announcements) and live performance (Broadway included). I’ve sat on the local and national boards of the Recording Musicians Association commencing in the mid-90s, and have sat at collective bargaining for all major recording agreements. Rank-and-file representative to the Local 802 Coordinating Advisory Committee, director of the Manhattan Producers Alliance (802 is a member), and Steering Committee member of the Local 802 Artists Rights Caucus; Local 802 member beginning early 1980s.

CENOVIA CUMMINS: As a member of Local 802 since 1987, my career has spanned Broadway shows, recording work, and numerous freelance orchestras. I am known as someone who listens carefully to all sides of an issue, and believe my diplomacy skills will be an asset to the trial board. With energy and ideas from younger musicians, and utilizing the wisdom of the older generation, I believe we have a chance to revitalize and strengthen our union. I am proud to be part of Musicians for Change party.

SYLVIA D’AVANZO: As a violinist, I have been a proud member of 802 for 28 years, with a varied freelance career that has run the gamut from symphony and ballet work to recordings to Broadway to touring. Currently, I’m the Concertmaster of Sponge Bob the Musical. Having the reputation as a straight shooter, I can see and hear all sides of a conflict before deciding on an issue. I would like to bring this skill to the Trial Board.
LAUREN DRAPER: As a member of Local 802 and the Newspaper Guild Local 3 I have much union experience. I’ve been a member of Local 802 since 1972. I joined the Newspaper Guild in 1985 and am now an honorary member. Since 1990, I’ve worked on many union campaigns as a graphic designer. In 1985 I was part of a women’s big band tour with Robert Palmer and decided not to cross the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra’s strike picket line. Joining the RCMH orchestra’s picket line the night of Robert Palmer’s concert was one of the best moments in my life.

BRUCE EIDEM: Serving on the Trial Board for four years has been a privilege and honor. Having the faith and trust of the membership to arrive at fair and just decisions is a responsibility I take very seriously. I’ve performed in over 70 Broadway shows as both a regular and a sub and my concert experience includes the American Symphony Orchestra, City Opera and the New York Pops. I have recorded or performed with Frank Sinatra, Wayne Shorter, Phil Collins, Lionel Hampton, Paul McCartney and Mario Bauza, played thousands of club dates and hundreds of jazz gigs. Your vote is appreciated.

JAVIER GÁNDARA: I have been a member of the Met Opera Orchestra since 1999. My professional career began at sixteen, when I won a position in the Puerto Rico Symphony. I graduated from Juilliard, and am on faculty at the Manhattan School of Music and Juilliard Pre-College. Unions have been under assault by corporations and the politicians they influence. They’ve lost the strength and prestige they enjoyed in previous decades. They no longer serve the people they represent. It would be an honor to serve in any way I can to make Local 802 better serve our music community.

BILL HAYES: A percussionist, I’ve held twenty-seven Broadway chairs, worked in orchestras, chamber, jazz, Radio City, nightclubs, in the NY and LA studios playing for films, jingles and dozens of jazz, classical, Broadway and rock recordings. I’ve toured the world with Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, and others. The union has struggled to keep up with huge shifts in our business. I’m running with MFC as we seek to address big issues like declining membership, digital music compensation and creative solutions to save the pension plan. I hope my wide experience can be an asset to the Trial Board.

SUE LORENTSEN: As a member of the Trial Board for the past six years, I’ve worked with my colleagues on many challenging cases, always aware that the members involved were entitled to a fair and equitable solution. My experience as a violinist spans many musical genres: Broadway, concerts, pop, recording, opera, club dates and Radio City, where I was a member of the orchestra for 30 years. I’ve served on committees for the Stamford Symphony, Radio City and the Fairfield Orchestra. I am currently on the 802 Coordinating Advisory Committee (CAC), and have participated in numerous contract negotiations.

JOANNA MAURER: I’ve lived and worked as a violinist in NYC for the past twenty-five years. I’m an Associate First Violinist of the Metropolitan Opera, the violinist of The American Chamber Players, and an active studio recording musician. I plan to work towards renewing the connection between Lincoln Center and the union, as I believe this important relationship will go far in benefitting musicians and the community. If elected to the Trial Board, I will make sure that every grievance is handled with respect, careful consideration, and fairness; values I uphold as co-chair of Associate Musicians of the Metropolitan Opera.

MARY ANN McSWEENEY: I am a bassist and have performed in many big bands, symphonies, recordings, Broadway shows, clubs and private events. I am running for the Trial Board because I want to be of service to 802 and be a part of necessary change. The MFC administration can help modernize the way the union works and keep up with the ever-changing climate of the music industry. I feel it’s important for union leadership to listen to the members. I am very honored to be working with MFC ticket.

MARVIN MOSCHEL: I have been on the Local 802 Trial Board for the past three years. I’ve been Local 802’s delegate to the Central Labor Council for nine years. I was Director of Organizing at Local 802 for fifteen years. I supervised all the field reps in both the New York and Long Island offices. I negotiated several hotel contracts. Under my supervision, several large club date offices and small orchestras in the theater and concert area were organized. I also negotiated contracts for many off Broadway shows and worked with the Broadway Theatre Committee on drafting its contract proposals.

EUGENE MOYE: As a player I’ve been blessed with a full performing life for nearly 50 years. I am the principal cello of American Symphony, American Composers orchestra, Westchester Philharmonic, and Opera Orchestra of New York. I’ve been associate principal cello of the New York City ballet for 45 years. I have served on the negotiating committees for every one of my orchestras. I’ve always advocated for my colleagues and have confronted management more than a dozen times on their behalf. I’ve been on the Trail Board for nine years and I feel I am eminently qualified to continue to serve.

WARREN ODZE: Since the 70’s I have worked in every facet of the music business as a drummer. I’ve raised two daughters on union work and union benefits, and hope that future musicians will have that privilege too. When I started, every musical event was handmade. Every piece of music, whether recorded or live had to be done by hand. Now, the challenges facing musicians today are uncharted. We must find a way of adapting to this new reality so that our union can continue to grow and prosper. MFC has the fresh perspective to deal with tomorrows challenges.

LOUISE OWEN: A 20-year member of Local 802, my musical path has included symphony work, solo, chamber music, recording and extensive touring. I’ve held chairs in nine Broadway shows, and I’m currently the concertmaster of Anastasia. Our freelance community has given me great opportunities to hone my leadership and diplomacy skills over the years. My ability to observe, listen and carefully consider all sides of an issue would be an asset to the Trial Board. I believe MFC can strengthen our union, making it a more relevant entity that’s inclusive and supportive of both current and future generations of musicians.

DAN PECK: From 2010 to 2017 I held the tuba/bass chair at Chicago and in 2017 became Principal Tubist with the New York City Ballet Orchestra. For a multitude of reasons, there is an entire generation that is currently underserved by our union. As part of MFC, we will provide more resources for fellow musicians and listen to the needs and concerns of all members. Being a part of Local 802 is something we should all take pride in. By doing so, we will make our union as strong as the community it stands for.

MADELYN RUBINSTEIN: I have served on the Trial Board for the past nine years. My colleagues and I worked diligently on the serious cases before us. It has been an honor. I look forward to continuing that work serving this strong union. I’ve been a member of the Theatre Committee for 15 years and served on the negotiating committee in 2007. I’ve been a keyboard player on Broadway for more than 25 years working at Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Addams Family, Legally Blonde, Guys and Dolls among others. I am currently at Jersey Boys at New World Stages.

STEVE SHULMAN: As a trombonist I have performed in many musical fields including symphonic, operatic, big band, Broadway, Radio City, recording and chamber music. I’ve been a member of the Greenwich Symphony since 1981 and NY Gilbert and Sullivan Players since 1988, where I currently serve as chair of the orchestra committee and have participated in many successful contract negotiations. As a member of the Trial Board for the past nine years, I have brought a fair and impartial approach to the cases brought before us. I believe I am the kind of candidate that Local 802 deserves: EXPERIENCED, THOUGHTFUL AND DEDICATED

DAN WILLIS: In my 25 years as a member of Local 802, I’ve had a diversified career as a woodwind doubler across a variety of musical genres. I’ve performed with the NY Philharmonic, Orchestra of St. Lukes, NYC Ballet, NY Pops, twenty Broadway shows, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and toured with Liza Minelli and West Side Story. I’ve played on numerous film scores, jingles and recordings. I’ve served on the Trial Board for six years and I am on the Board of Directors of the RMA-NY. I’m proud of the work the Trial Board does in support of our members and By-Laws.



BUD BURRIDGE: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

SARA CUTLER: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

PETE DONOVAN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

JAVIER GÁNDARA: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

BILL HAYES: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

MARTHA HYDE: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

DEAN LeBLANC: Since 1998 I have been a clarinetist at the Met Opera as an associate musician. I am running to be a Delegate for Local 802 in order to represent our members and help shape the decisions and policies of the American Federation of Musicians. Our current International President, Ray Hair, must be held accountable for prolonging the disastrous decision making at our pension fund. I hope to join Adam Krauthamer to hold President Hair and the AFM administration accountable for all issues that require improvement and reform.

TOM OLCOTT: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Financial Vice President.

CARYL PAISNER: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

CLINT SHARMAN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.



JANET AXELROD: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

ROGER BLANC: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

TONY GORRUSO: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

MORRIS KAINUMA: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

MADELYN RUBINSTEIN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

BOBBY SHANKIN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.



[NOTE: The Executive Board approved an update to the Election Rules on Oct. 23, 2018 to confirm that three delegates to the NYC Central Labor Council, inclusive of the candidate elected President, will be elected in the 2018 Local 802 Elections.]

BILL HAYES: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

MARVIN MOSCHEL: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Trial Board.

CARYL PAISNER: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.



LYNNE COHEN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.

MARTHA HYDE: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.



ANDY SCHWARTZ: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Recording Vice President.

BOBBY SHANKIN: Candidate’s statement printed under the category of Executive Board.