Members vote a resounding, unanimous YES

Volume 123, No. 5May, 2023

John Pietaro

Members have unanimously ratified our new Single Engagement/Club Date Contract. Local 802’s polls were open April 4 and 5 for our members engaged in the many areas covered by the contract. This agreement encompasses the widest variety of musical genres apart from those in the classical/concert arena. These include the classic weddings and bar mitzvahs, society gigs and private and corporate parties, and performances in nightclubs, theatres, ballrooms and parks as well as the major venues, and for an array of special events.

The new contract, negotiated over many months by Recording Vice President Harvey Mars and Principal Business Rep Pete Voccola, includes wage increases which are by far the highest in the field in 15 years: 4 percent, 4.5 percent, 5 percent for 4-hour jobs over the life of the contract (with a 5 percent increase in year one for 3-hour jobs).

We also obtained sizeable increases for travel including automobile mileage and transportation costs. And, in response to many members’ concerns, we have a regional air travel contract provision far better than before, with all out-of-town jobs over 150 miles in distance now paid at the four-hour Saturday night scale.

During the ratification vote, our members expressed great enthusiasm about future work in the field. Local 802 freelancers the original “gig workers” are among the hardest working musicians in the New York area. Now in addition to their professionalism onstage, they have a contract which reflects this as well.

To view the new scales, log into, click on SCALE SHEETS, then scroll down to MISCELLANEOUS. (Scales can only be viewed by active members of Local 802).

John Pietaro is Local 802’s director of organizing. You can reach him at or (212) 245-4802, ext. 230