Coke, Fries and an ATM?

Volume C, No. 6June, 2000

Actors Federal Credit Union has announced plans to install three new ATMs in Manhattan, bringing the number of machines available to AFCU members to five.

The three newest machines will be located inside McDonald’s restaurants located at Times Square at 46th Street, Eighth Avenue at 44th Street, and on Broadway below Eighth Street. All three restaurants are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No fees will be charged to AFCU members who use the machines, while the cost for non-member withdrawals will be 99 cents.

The latest expansion of the credit union’s ATM network was carried out in partnership with Lewis Foods, Inc., which operates several McDonald’s restaurants in New York City.

“The placement of these new ATMs creates a fantastic opportunity for our members, and the members of the entertainment community, to have virtually unlimited access to ATM services in a safe environment,” said AFCU President Jeff Rodman. “And where else in the city can you do your banking and satisfy your craving for a Big Mac?”

Rodman said the credit union will continue to work toward placing additional machines in New York City. AFCU’s other ATMs are located inside the Essentials Plus store at 81st and Broadway and the Actors Audition Center at 165 West 46th Street, at Broadway, on the second floor.