Collect Cards and Win!

Contest for Single Engagement Musicians

Volume CIV, No. 12December, 2004

The president’s office, the Single Engagement and Organizing departments, and a new rank-and-file Club Date Organizing Committee launched a four-week “blitz” of club date rounds during October and November.

The goal of these rounds is to increase 802’s presence in the field, both in the usual Manhattan clubs and hotels, as well as in various venues on Long Island.

In addition to contract enforcement, 802 is hoping to build on the half-dozen organizing victories in the single engagement field over the past five years.

To increase the organizing buzz and make this campaign more exciting, the Organizing Committee helped design four informational — and provocative — laminated cards that extol the benefits of working union gigs. The first card is pictured in this month’s Allegro.

A dozen reps will distribute a different card each week of the four-week blitz. Any musician who manages to collect all four cards will win a fabulous prize.

Perhaps you’ll see an 802 rep in the field this month. If you do, make sure you get your laminated card for the week so that you’ll be on your way to collecting all four, and winning your prize.

Hint: If you’re willing to meet your 802 rep after your job or on a break, or if you come to the union for a private meeting, you just might be able to convince this rep to give you cards from the weeks you might have missed. And if you cut out the sample card printed on page 7 of the December Allegro, we’ll let you count that as one of your cards.

United we prosper, divided we beg!