Collecting Money for Our Members

Volume 118, No. 1January, 2018

Kim Roberts Hedgpeth

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The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund collects money for musicians. Specifically, when a musician provides services for a film, TV show or new media project under an AFM union contract, we identify, track and collect residuals for the use of those projects in “secondary markets.” We then process that money and distribute it to you.

In 2017, the Fund celebrated 45 years of serving the film and television music community. The 2017 fiscal year ended with a record collection of more than $98.4 million. Over 15,000 payments were distributed to participants in July and another 1,415 payments were distributed in September. A list of films, TV programs and new media programs that have paid into the Fund over the years is located at


Fiscal year 2018 began on April 1, 2017. So far, more than 130 new titles have paid residuals into the Fund for the first time. Among them are “The Accountant,” “Fences,” “A Dog’s Purpose,” “Hidden Figures” and “La La Land.” Television series reporting for the first time include “MacGyver,” “Riverdale,” “Chicago Justice” and “Blindspot,” to name just a few. Also reporting in for the first time are older television series from the 1990s that were recently released to secondary markets for the first time. (As a reminder, when the Fund refers to a “title,” it refers to an individual motion picture, documentary or television movie, or a single season of a television or new media series.)


After a lengthy review, the Fund is updating its processes and policies regarding beneficiaries, in order to ensure that musicians’ wishes are clearly and efficiently followed as much as possible after their passing. Be on the lookout for new updated beneficiary forms that were mailed to all participant musicians in late December. Check and subscribe to our e-newsletter. Always keep your postal mailing address and email address information current with the Fund – and when you receive future Fund mailings, be sure to open them and respond immediately. We don’t want you to miss any information!


As part of the Fund’s outreach to local, national and international small and independent filmmakers, we have hosted a booth at the annual American Film Market conference for the past 13 years. This year, we also produced a roundtable entitled “How to Get the Best Music for Your Project.” The panelists were Reggie Wilson (owner/president, Guardian Music Service), Stefanie Taub (national director for music for SAG-AFTRA), Paul Broucek (president, Warner Brothers Music), and myself. The discussion was moderated by Dennis Dreith of Magic Closet Music. We will also be hosting a panel discussion at South by Southwest (SxSW) in Austin on March 13.

You can also find photos and videos from the Fund’s most recent collaborations with Columbia University and ASCAP on the Fund’s Facebook page at The Fund’s partnership with organizations like ASCAP, Columbia University and others is part of our community outreach mission, which includes introducing emerging filmmakers to the importance of music in their projects and to the experience of working with professional musicians in creating the scores for their films. Supporting the composers, filmmakers and professional musicians of tomorrow as they embark on their careers in the film and television industry is a core component of the Fund’s community outreach mission.

From everyone at the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund – best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2018!

Is there money waiting for you at the Secondary Markets Fund?

Please check the unclaimed residuals list at to see if you or a fellow AFM member you know has unclaimed residuals waiting for them. You can also call the fund at (888) 443-6763.

For a complete list of unclaimed checks from a variety of sources, see

Kim Roberts Hedgpeth is the Executive Director of the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund.