Computer Program is Now Available For Single Engagement Contracts

Volume C, No. 10October, 2000

Filing contracts has just become much simpler for Local 802 signatories, with the unveiling of a new data entry program that enables member leaders and employers to complete a single engagement contract with just a few key strokes. As well as saving a lot of time, the new system will do a great deal to reduce errors that slow down the processing of the contracts.

Local 802’s Jennifer Cronin, M.I.S. Director, and Joe Rodriguez, Programmer/Data Analyst, developed the program using Microsoft Access 97, a widely available database program for PCs. They told Allegro that it automates the complex calculations that are required by the single engagement club date contract, and eliminates a tremendous amount of repetitive paperwork.

For example, the need to fill in Leader/Employer name and I.D. or Social Security number on handwritten forms has been eliminated. And after their initial entry, musicians’ Social Security numbers and membership card numbers are never again keyed in. Many entries are made by selecting data from a list of choices with the click of a mouse or a few keystrokes.

Because the program performs all calculations of musicians’ wages and benefits, errors will be dramatically reduced. The system derives basic scale from the engagement date and times. Gross scale includes rehearsals, preheats, overtime, travel pay, doubling, holiday pay, leader and subleader premiums. Work dues, pension and health benefit amounts are automatically filled in and contract totals are calculated. Finally, flawless printouts are produced with a click of the mouse.

“The most common errors made on single engagement contract report forms are incorrect member card numbers and/or Social Security numbers, incorrect wage and pension payments, and simple arithmetic errors,” said Jim Hannen, supervisor of Local 802’s Contract Administration Department. “This new system will eliminate nearly all of these errors and ensure that members are credited with benefit payments in an accurate, timely fashion.”

Cronin pointed out that, as the single engagement club date contract changes, upgrades to the system will be distributed to keep pace. She said that Local 802 is now in the process of developing a similar system for the recording b-forms, and that future plans also include the ability to data transfer the contracts to the 802 system.

Impetus to develop this new program came during negotiations with Manhattan Swing, the latest club-date office to sign an agreement with Local 802 (see last month’s Allegro). A reference to the program in that article has already sparked inquiries from several member/leaders. If you would like to take advantage of economies of this new system, please contact Cronin at (212) 245-4802, ext. 133, or