Contractor’s checklist

Volume 113, No. 11December, 2013

The following is a list of tasks that a contractor is required to complete for all electronic media sessions. If a contractor is not required on the session by the terms of the specific collective bargaining agreement, the leader is responsible for completing the checklist.


  • Obtain all pertinent information from the producer regarding the project.
  • Confirm the signatory status of the producer.
  • Report the session to the local in whose jurisdiction the work is to be performed.
  • Confirm the wage scales and benefits with the local or AFM. You should be able to put together a budget for the project at this point.
  • Put out the call to the musicians and include all pertinent information regarding the session.


  • Be present at all sessions at all reasonable times.
  • Keep track of how long each musician is employed on each session. Keep track of each cue and/or song title on which each musician performed, as well as doubles and overdubs.
  • Collect W-4’s, I-9’s, and other necessary payroll documents from the musicians, as well as all information required to complete the appropriate B Report Form.


  • Fill out the appropriate B Report Form.
  • Immediately submit the completed B Report Form, along with all invoices (music preparation, cartage, etc.) and payroll documents to the producer for payment.
  • Immediately submit a copy of the completed B Report Form to the local in whose jurisdiction the services took place.

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