Coordinating Advisory Committee Minutes

May 18, 2004

Volume CIV, No. 10October, 2004

Meeting called to order at 1:15PM.

Present: Chairman Hood, Greene, McIntyre, Luthra, Bogin, Harris, Jenkins, Kruvand-Moye and Lindquist.

Minutes read and approved.

Hood calculated the CAC fund is presently at $33,500 less approximately $5,000 in funds already allocated but so far unclaimed.

Bogin updated committee on his attempts to reach Mr. Christianson about results of his proposal to CAC.

Arun Luthra said that he needs to clear up whether he is indeed a delegate for this year.

Jan Mullen sent a letter resigning from CAC, which means that at present there is no theatre rep to the CAC.

David Lennon swore in members of CAC missed at last month’s swearing-in ceremony.

The CAC met with the Executive Committee. Some of the items discussed were: what services might improve the CAC function; formulating more specific guidelines for CAC; clearing up voting procedures; possibility of joint meetings on some topics to facilitate jointly agreeable decisions; formation of small joint committees to consider certain projects.

Next CAC meeting is set for June 15 at 1:30 p.m. One item on the agenda to reconsider allocation for Jay Schaffner’s request for the scanner system.

Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.