DCINY violates labor law…again

Volume 123, No. 5May, 2023

It’s official: DCINY has violated labor law…again! The DCINY Orchestra is fighting for a fair contract, but DCINY management is stalling and not negotiating in good faith. Instead of going through the official negotiation process with the union, DCINY attempted to undermine the process and cut private deals with musicians. This is illegal, and now the National Labor Relations Board has ruled against DCINY for a second time. How many more humiliating losses will it take before DCINY agrees to a fair contract with musicians? How long will audiences and choirs have to put up with a company that continually breaks the law and refuses to do the right thing? Our message to DCINY is simple: SIGN A FAIR CONTRACT NOW! Learn more and help out at:

Download a PDF of the official NLRB notice here.