Musicians Career Management Group

Volume 123, No. 8September, 2023

Entertainment Community Fund

The Entertainment Community Fund (formerly The Actors Fund) is pleased to announce the return of its Musicians Career Management Group. A weekly drop-in group for musicians and music industry professionals, this online group provides the opportunity for professionals working in all aspects of the music industry to connect, give and receive support from peers, share helpful resources and more.

Entertainment Community Fund Career Counselor Geoffrey Tilocca will once again be leading the group. In anticipation of its return, Geoffrey reconnected with former participant and fellow musician Terry Dexter to discuss the changes she’s experienced within the music industry, how she’s adapted and her experience attending this unique group for music professionals.

GT: What is your role in the music industry?

TD: I’m a singer-songwriter and recording artist. I’ve released two major label solo albums and have been featured on numerous albums, singles and projects recorded by fellow artists. I’ve also written and recorded music featured on television shows, films and soundtracks.

GT: How has the Entertainment Community Fund helped you as a musician? What services and programs have you utilized from the Fund that you would recommend to other people?

TD: There are many great aspects to the Fund’s programs, workshops and resources for creatives. I especially love the strong sense of community that allows creatives from around the country to come together for expertise in a number of areas, share ideas, give support and more. I especially enjoy the Musicians Career Management Group. It can be a highlight of the week for music makers, providing us with the opportunity to support and connect with professionals working in all areas and genres of music. It also is facilitated by the wonderful Geoffrey who is also a fellow musician and it’s fun. I would also recommend the financial wellness sessions crafted for the entertainment industry. All of the offerings from the Entertainment Community Fund are invaluable. I’m so grateful for what they give and do for my entire entertainment industry family.

GT: What changes have you experienced in the industry as a musician?

TD: The biggest change is the evolution of technology, which has not only broadened the choices of platforms and sources where music can be listened to or purchased, but has also given music creators more independence than ever. It gives us all an expanded freedom to create and has also allowed us more control of the business and money-making side of the industry.

GT: What have you done to adapt to those changes?

TD: I’ve invested in my own recording studio and record a lot of my music now in the privacy of my home. In the past, I would normally have to record in large-scale studios. I do my best to keep up-to-date and educated on music industry laws, making sure that I’m connected to my publishing and royalties. I also stay tightly surrounded and connected to the music community, honing relationships and building new ones, collaborating on projects, supporting each other as a whole and sharing knowledge on all things music.

GT: What trends are you seeing in the industry these days?

TD: One of the key trends I’m seeing is an increase in hybrid styles and sounds in music, crossing and blending music genres. For example, blending the electronic genre with pop, hip hop and more. Another key trend is due to the power and reach of TV shows and streaming, more and more records that were made and released even decades ago are being rediscovered and becoming even more popular and successful today. Also, music creatives are now collaborating a lot more via virtual platforms making it much easier to work with anyone, anywhere in the world.

GT: What advice do you have for newer musicians or musicians trying to navigate change in their careers?

TD: For all fellow musicians, with the power and freedom you have now in the music industry both creatively and business-wise, make music that is authentic to you. Honor your precious gifts and passions, allowing your true musical voice to lead you. Educate yourself on all the ways to make a living as a music creator, learn how to set up, market and sell your music on sales and streaming platforms, and highly consider learning how to license your music for TV, film and other media. Take full advantage of the reach of social media, but also understand that it is equally important to keep performing live in front of an audience.

The Fund’s Musicians Career Management Group meets online on Mondays at 3 pm ET beginning on September 11. All members of Local 802 are welcome. To learn more, please visit