Enrollment is now open for Local 802’s new online referral directory

Volume 117, No. 7July, 2017

The homepage of our new site which is now open for enrollment.

It’s finally here! Local 802’s Musician Referral Service is happy to announce that our online referral directory at is now open for enrollment. Enroll now to take advantage of this brand-new promotional tool. Each active Local 802 member may post two different profile pages to promote their work as an individual musician or as a band/ensemble.

Individual pages can promote your work as a teacher, performer, copyist, arranger or recording artist.

Band/ensemble pages can promote your band, chamber group or large ensemble.

The web site is up, but it’s currently hidden from search engines so members can preview it and we can make rapid design changes.

How do you enroll? Start at, then click on “How to Enroll in Ten Easy Steps.”  If you are a current Local 802 member, you may enroll at any time. However, you must first submit two signed agreements: the Referral Service General Rules Agreement, and the Website Rules and Regulations Agreement. Both are available at You must also provide the following:

  1. Digital photo (800 by 600 pixels)
  2. Main link (personal web site, Facebook, allmusic, ibdb, Wikipedia, etc.)
  3. Video/audio link (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, CDbaby, etc.)
  4. Your preferred public contact information
  5. Your bio
  6. A description of what kind of musical services you can provide

For assistance, please contact the referral service at (212) 245-1091.

The official launch of will take place when enrollment meets the functionality threshold. Promotion and marketing to attract potential clients to the web site will begin after the web site launch. Don’t wait! Take advantage of this amazing new promotional tool. Enroll today!


The new web site was developed to offer Local 802 members enhanced promotional opportunities and to provide a platform where union musicians could market themselves as performers, teachers, recording artists, arrangers, copyists, orchestrators and more.

Phase 1 of the project began with the reconception of Local 802’s referral service, then continued with site research and planning, web construction, functionality development, service name branding and search engine optimization. Phase 1 was completed on June 7 and, was exhibited for the first time at the Local 802 Membership Meeting later the same day.

Phase 2 has now begun. The site is now open for enrollment to all active Local 802 members. During this period, while the finishing touches are still being made to the overall look and functionality of the site, will remain hidden from search engines.

In order to officially launch the site, a minimum threshold of musician profiles must be submitted. Once the minimum has been reached, the site will become fully functional, and we will enter Phase 3. This is when the site will be visible to internet search engines and the Musician Referral Service will begin to promote the site to potential clients. is intended to function as a promotional tool for union members. Any work that is referred through the site must be filed on appropriate union contracts. This stipulation is advertised on the site to potential clients, and is also a caveat to enrolling in the service, as specified in the “Referral Service General Rules Agreement” and the “Website Rules and Regulations Agreement.” Before any member’s profile may become publicly viewable, both agreements must be filed with the Musician Referral Service. There are no fees for enrolling in or using to promote your talents or projects, though the standard 3.5 percent Local 802 work dues fee will apply for any engagements procured through this serice.

Suggestions and feedback are encouraged. They may be submitted on survey forms found at For more information please e-mail the referral service or call (212) 245-1091.