Executive Board Appoints David Lennon Assistant Director

Volume C, No. 11November, 2000

The Local 802 Executive Board has appointed David Lennon as Assistant Director. He will administer the Concert Department, reporting directly to the Executive Board, and will also supervise Broadway Field Services. As Assistant Director Lennon will serve as lead negotiator, along with Local 802 Legal Counsel Leonard Leibowitz, in all freelance concert negotiations.

Lennon, a member of Local 802 since 1985, has served as Local 802’s Broadway Theatre Representative for the past year and a half. During that time, he reorganized the Theatre Committee, holding rank-and-file elections in every Broadway pit. His major priorities included health and safety issues and projects aimed at increasing public awareness of the importance of live music.

Lennon, who received his M.M. and B.M. degrees from the Juilliard School, served as principal violist of the Kansas City Symphony and the New York City Opera National Company. He has also played in the freelance concert field and on Broadway.

As a professional musician, Lennon was active in rank-and-file committee work and served as union steward for the NYC Opera National Company orchestra. He was especially involved in the enforcement of working conditions, grievance resolution and contract negotiations. He has attended the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute, studied Collective Bargaining in the Arts at Columbia University, and this past summer received certification in Occupational Hearing Conservation.